China, America, and The Trade Wars; What Impact To Look Out For?

Impact of China’s Growth on Global Finance
According to the nominal GDP facts, China is currently the second-largest economy of the world with $14.3 trillion. Experts believe that China is going to surpass the USA in a maximum of 15 years.  The IMF survey depicts that the US-China trade war is not going to have any effect on China's economy, which is projected to grow in 2019 by 6.3%. The question to ask is what will be the effect of China's uprise on global finance.
Being four times more populated than the USA, China has a larger workforce and greater production power. With more exports than imports, the trade surplus of China is $26.21 billion which indicates economic health.
It can be clearly seen that china has a greater role to play in the global market. Now, let's have a look at how the country achieved all this power and how is it going to change the future of the global economy.
Historical Overview of the Chinese Economy
The speed with which China has risen out of t…

How To Optimize Hashtags To Promote Your Business

Instagram hashtags are very important to approach and engage your targeted audience and to enhance your brand popularity. 
However, it requires some special techniques to identify proper hashtags that could serve the purpose completely.
Effective Hashtag Strategy
What most brand fail to understand is that not every strategy works for everyone and looking for the appropriate strategy is what confuses them even more. 
We have made this article to help you with this problem. This article will guide you to develop an effective hashtag and implement them according to your business.
How it Works
Hashtags are attached to any posts which make them clickable phrases. Any phrase or word can be made into a hashtag by placing it in front of # sign. When someone clicks on the hashtag, he/she is directed to the original feed showing all the attached public content.
So, people click and search hashtags in order to find content on Instagram. Therefore, the right hashtag will put you right in front of your t…

Why Disability Insurance For Medical Students Is The Best Bet Possible

Disability Insurance for medical students is recommended by many Medical Colleges as a requirement from the respective training and educational Institutions. 
In the same vein, access to necessary information on the subject is required to be provided, so medical students can be equipped with requisite knowledge on admission to their course of study.
Every risk that is managed eventually provokes lesser impact when it crystallizes as against when left unattended to at the early stage. It is crucial to examine why disability insurance for medical students should be considered and procured early.
To be candid, disability is crucial when you have an income level to protect and this assuredly is far more of a concern to physicians than people in low-reward vocations like masonry and coal mining.
Why It is Important to Get Disability Insurance for Medical Students Early
Medical students are vulnerable like other students to possible financial hardships that might result from the disability. Disa…

Facing a Tough Time Landing A Job? Try The Temp Agency Option

Five Top Reasons to use a Temp Agency 
If you are considering using a staffing agency in your city or you are presently looking for a job, the following will prove helpful;
1. You’ll Often Get a Job Faster
As a person who is eager to get a job, working with Staffing Agencies in your city presents a faster option for landing your dream job. You need to realize that staffing agencies are likely to know about a vacancy as a result of their network of placement options.
Some companies also contract their headhunting opportunities to staffing agencies instead of open advert placement. Agencies will match their existing pool of talents against available opportunities before considering other applicants.
2. They are Super Connected to Top Employers
Top employers are closely connected to agencies and most HR departments are led by specialists who have professional relationships with many leaders of Staffing Agencies in your city. 
Staffing agencies are run by HR specialists who enjoy the confidenc…

The Facebook Globalcoin: All You Need To Know

Facebook has made the headlines around the globe once again, this time because of its Globalcoin project.

It’s a project that surprised no one. During 2018, after the cryptocurrency craze that saw Bitcoin’s 
price soar and then crash, reports indicated that Facebook will veer into cryptocurrencies.
Since the massive company has stakes in far too many tech projects, you could say the rumors were expected. Over time, Facebook often announces involvement in projects that got nowhere, nobody expected this to be any different.
 However, over this last month news items have appeared confirming the project – and giving us a small peek at what it might be.
A cryptocurrency? Or just yet another weird “token” system for payments?
Once again, due to the lack of any official information, this is mostly hearsay. Many of the reports come from insiders who should harbor some knowledge, but it’s impossible to tell what to trust.
Still, most reports point towards Facebook coin being an actual cryptocurr…

A Different Approach to Fighting Investment Scams

We asked this crucial question from Sentinel Protocol, which is a company trying to solve this specific problem. As they are security specialists, we wanted to get the solution according to their expert opinion. Here it is!
Though the rate of ICO fundraising has slowed down lately, ICOs are still an important matter in the area of cryptocurrency investments. In 2018, the project funding rate and the size of the average funding round were the highest till now.
ICOs are considered identical to hype and danger. When ICO happens, usually the project is at the very initial stage. 
At this point, it is just trying to validate its promising team and consultants, tokenomics, and the reason why they even need the blockchain technology.
From the investment point of view, it is difficult to differentiate between a great and a good project, and a good and bad project. The bad projects may also be called as scams by the ones getting hit by the shabby returns.
However, the scam that we are refe…

The Blockchain Disruptions: Entertainment World Is Set For The Revolutionary Power of the Blockchain

For decades we have had the entertainment industry being governed by distribution studios, publishers, and companies. And frankly, you can agree with me that the industry hasn't been as much satisfying to the artists, customers, or the investors.
Given the fact that artists rely on the industry to earn a living, then it's time to change to a more reliable system.
Artists are in the need of new and alternative solutions where their rights aren't exploited. A system free from the boundaries and limits of the old business models. Could the Blockchain technology be a solution?
Indeed, Blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize the distribution of entertainment while eradicating the various problems faced by the entertainment industry such as piracy.
Already, Blockchain revolution has brought great impact to a wide range of industries including finance and banking, healthcare, tourism, and education among others.
So, what is blockchain technology place in the entertain…