A Different Approach to Fighting Investment Scams

We asked this crucial question from Sentinel Protocol, which is a company trying to solve this specific problem. As they are security specialists, we wanted to get the solution according to their expert opinion. Here it is!
Though the rate of ICO fundraising has slowed down lately, ICOs are still an important matter in the area of cryptocurrency investments. In 2018, the project funding rate and the size of the average funding round were the highest till now.
ICOs are considered identical to hype and danger. When ICO happens, usually the project is at the very initial stage. 
At this point, it is just trying to validate its promising team and consultants, tokenomics, and the reason why they even need the blockchain technology.
From the investment point of view, it is difficult to differentiate between a great and a good project, and a good and bad project. The bad projects may also be called as scams by the ones getting hit by the shabby returns.
However, the scam that we are refe…

The Blockchain Disruptions: Entertainment World Is Set For The Revolutionary Power of the Blockchain

For decades we have had the entertainment industry being governed by distribution studios, publishers, and companies. And frankly, you can agree with me that the industry hasn't been as much satisfying to the artists, customers, or the investors.
Given the fact that artists rely on the industry to earn a living, then it's time to change to a more reliable system.
Artists are in the need of new and alternative solutions where their rights aren't exploited. A system free from the boundaries and limits of the old business models. Could the Blockchain technology be a solution?
Indeed, Blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize the distribution of entertainment while eradicating the various problems faced by the entertainment industry such as piracy.
Already, Blockchain revolution has brought great impact to a wide range of industries including finance and banking, healthcare, tourism, and education among others.
So, what is blockchain technology place in the entertain…

What You Need to Know About Spousal Support

Spousal Support law makes provision for the award of financial support to a spouse in the aftermath of a divorce or separation. 
According to Maureen Stubbs, a 30+ veteran divorce layer and mediation attorney in Los Angeles, this is necessary to promote fairness. 
The separation of a couple gives room for a court to share their property equitably although might also lead to unfair outcomes
Conditions that Determines Spousal Support
Maureen Stubbs lists factors like the length of the union, the ability of the supporting spouse to pay and how long it will take the supported spouse to be economically self-sufficient as necessary inputs needed to arrive at spousal support. 
Other issues like custody of minor children can also weigh in here to reflect personal sacrifices by the supported spouse to provide the needed care for the minor children at the expenses of her career

The court also considers other factual details in the circumstances of the parties before reaching a verdict and spousal su…

The Crypto Chart Leaders Report 2019 : A Summary of the First 120 Days of Trading

The Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of 2019

For the Cryptocurrency industry, 2018 turned out to be a terrible year especially when Bitcoin value plummeted from the high ends of $20,000 to the lows of just above $3100. 

This was not just about Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well posted losses of 90% or more in 2018.

Despite this, 2019 has already shown great potential as the trends of most cryptocurrencies looks promising so far. 

In fact, many investors are optimistic about crypto markets this year. And, if the market can maintain this upward momentum, then we may expect to see much transformation as the year continues. 

Crypto Top 10

Here is a list of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2019 that you should watch out for;

Binance Coin (BNB) 

Binance coin is among the most promising cryptocurrencies in the market today. At the time of writing, Binance Coin is trading at $24.35 while it started the year trading quite low at about $6.19. 

BNB has significantly…

You Should Transition To A New Career Path With Blockchain and Hit a Goldmine

Why a blockchain career could be the next goldmine

To transition into a career in blockchain, the first step anyone would need to take is to pick the initial technology they want to work on, Horvat said.

That can range from contributing to a core of open-sourced blockchains (e.g., Bitcoin); creating business networks using the Hyperledger family of modular platforms; or creating public smart contracts using Solidity.

"Having experience with back-end and lower level development (cryptography) is beneficial for the transition as well, but is not required," Horvat said.

Toptal sets a high bar for talent, requiring engineers to have a strong fundamental knowledge of blockchain and the underlying technologies.

This  including cryptography and distributed systems – as well as some knowledge of how most public blockchains work, "which we test for using theoretical tests and coding tasks which are geared towards the technologies powering blockchains."

Blockchain developer …

You Don’t Like 9 to 5? You can be a Virtual Assistant Instead And Make Money

Image Image

Virtual Assistant jobs have become popular across the globe. For anyone not keen on 9 to 5 jobs, this can be an opening you should explore.
This is because every organization uses the prized skills that come with the role in creating a web of order around daily activities, scheduling, and other appraisal functions.
To work as a Virtual assistant, an individual must possess some or all of graphic design skills, typing skills, and telephonic abilities. 
You also need a scheduling acumen, be personable, and have the ability to multi-task and in some cases, be bilingual.
Some Features To Know
A virtual assistant does not work on-site
From its name, ‘virtual’ it means not physically present or near-enough. A virtual worker is not an on-site employee but carries out assigned duties from a remote location.
 Her essence is seen in the work done and the completion of duties for which she was recruited,
A Virtual Assistant is a freelancer
Most virtual workers work from their homes…