You Should Transition To A New Career Path With Blockchain and Hit a Goldmine

Why a blockchain career could be the next goldmine

To transition into a career in blockchain, the first step anyone would need to take is to pick the initial technology they want to work on, Horvat said.

That can range from contributing to a core of open-sourced blockchains (e.g., Bitcoin); creating business networks using the Hyperledger family of modular platforms; or creating public smart contracts using Solidity.

"Having experience with back-end and lower level development (cryptography) is beneficial for the transition as well, but is not required," Horvat said.

Toptal sets a high bar for talent, requiring engineers to have a strong fundamental knowledge of blockchain and the underlying technologies.

This  including cryptography and distributed systems – as well as some knowledge of how most public blockchains work, "which we test for using theoretical tests and coding tasks which are geared towards the technologies powering blockchains."

Blockchain developer …

You Don’t Like 9 to 5? You can be a Virtual Assistant Instead And Make Money

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Virtual Assistant jobs have become popular across the globe. For anyone not keen on 9 to 5 jobs, this can be an opening you should explore.
This is because every organization uses the prized skills that come with the role in creating a web of order around daily activities, scheduling, and other appraisal functions.
To work as a Virtual assistant, an individual must possess some or all of graphic design skills, typing skills, and telephonic abilities. 
You also need a scheduling acumen, be personable, and have the ability to multi-task and in some cases, be bilingual.
Some Features To Know
A virtual assistant does not work on-site
From its name, ‘virtual’ it means not physically present or near-enough. A virtual worker is not an on-site employee but carries out assigned duties from a remote location.
 Her essence is seen in the work done and the completion of duties for which she was recruited,
A Virtual Assistant is a freelancer
Most virtual workers work from their homes…

Here Are 8 Practical Ways You Can Shed The Debt Burden

Every crisis can be managed with the applicable skills and this includes debt as well. On a daily basis, individuals and families have to make financial decisions as they go about their lives.

When faced with a debt crisis that does not involve loss of income, the following can be considered:

Live By the Budget

In simple terms, a budget states out what you expect to earn and spend over a period of time.

When you identify the source of income, how much you expect and what you spend money on, it is the beginning of the long journey to financial discipline.

To make it easier for you to manage your debt, putting a tab on your income and spending can be the first step to personal financial sanity.

There are a couple of financial planning templates online that you can use if you do not have a personal financial planner.

Consider Downsizing

Downsizing is closely used when describing a scenario when organizations have to reduce their workforce.

In personal debt management, it is wise to also c…

What To Look Out For Before You Choose Your Forex Trading Services Provider

The world is gradually moving to a stage where it would require the Web to breathe. Businesses that have not come online are under the radar. 
FX platforms have a suitable environment on the Internet and most of the features of the market in the past have been replaced.
Most people see the Web as an avenue of doing brisk businesses. However, there are things to look out for when angling for a spot to do deals. 
The features of a good platform are important to grasp before you set out to select your forex trading services provider. Although many people know that this is a high-risk and high-returns initiative, they tend to miss out on the fine print.
Key Considerations
Investing is majorly carried out for profit-making reasons, below are the features of a good FX service
No commissions or feesTrading lessonsFree practice accountTimely market reportsQuality customer service

No commissions or fees
A forex trading outlet that requires that investors have to pay extra charges is bad. After the in…

Instagram or Facebook, Which One best Meets Your Small Business Needs?

Instagram or Facebook-which one is better for marketing your small business 
 Small business owners who have an insight into how social media can help their marketing goals, will have to decide on the platform that best meet their needs.
To make a decision on small business marketing using social media platforms, there are some variables that have to be taken into consideration and they include:

1. The market segment you are targeting
Facebook offers everyone a chance to be seen and heard in Africa, but a larger percentage of users are predominantly a mix of the youthful and middle-aged.
 Instagram is a platform that is dominated by students and young professionals in many parts of the world.

A look at the kind of product or service that is an attraction to this set of users will provide leeway in making the decision on the platform to use.  While other factors like the location you are targeting and the product or service on offer also matter, a holistic consideration is recommended …

The Expanding World of Crypto Payments: How Bitcoin and Altcoins Are Making a Difference Around the World

Although many thought of cryptocurrencies as a craze, the truth is far from that. The visibility of bitcoin and altcoins has indeed shrunk over the past year, but that’s meaningless when we consider they became visible thanks to a bubble, to begin with.

In truth, the crypto market kept growing during 2018, even if the decreasing value of Bitcoin seemed to say otherwise. And today, with barely two months of 2019 gone by, adoption has kept rising.

Why adoption is Important

The aim of cryptocurrencies is to replace fiat currency. They try to offer a new trading standard away from governments and central banks that instead rely on a crowd of users to keep tabs on transactions and, more importantly, to offer transparency.

However, attaining widespread adoption is anything but easy. Selling a new currency can be seen by most people as selling snake oil – lots of promises with little actual effects. Most people are just happy trading in USD, EUR, JPY, GBP or any other established coin, so ea…

How to Invest in Global cryptocurrencies

If you are new to investing in cryptocurrency, this guide is for you! Sifting through dozens of articles can be a nightmare, when all you are looking for is a simple blueprint on how to get started. I was once in your shoes and wished I had a manual to help me navigate this new world of cryptocurrency.

So, I came up with this 5-step personal guide to help you make sense of it all.

1. There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and its success quickly spun off hundreds of others. Much of the code of all of them is vastly similar, as it is all derived from the Bitcoin open source code.

 However, each and every cryptocurrency in existence, is tailored to solve a unique problem. Thus, the modifications in their code are intended to take alternatives approaches to solutions.

These differences include:

• The supply of cryptocurrency in circulation
• The rate of supply
• The technical specifications
• How they are mined
• The team of developers working on the c…