5 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

The use of blog posts to target consumer segments have deepened with the expanding use of the Internet and the rise in the number of digital marketers across the globe. What many people are still coming to grasp with is the style or approach that will make it easier for their blog posts to be optimized for the search engines. Here is an outline:

1. Use keywords

Keywords give a sense of direction to every blog post and when the reader assimilates the content, he can tell what you set out to achieve. This is against the style of writing with no keyword concentration or focus. While this might not be wrong, it will depend on the goal you set out to achieve with your blog post.

However, one of the indices required for a SEO friendly post is to use the right keyword concentration, have them evenly spread out throughout the post and maintain a central focus in your delivery.Digital agencies should never be in a hurry to splash content without considering the keywords count.

2. Maintain Uniqueness

The search engines reward unique content and there is no easy way to have this done than to ensure that your facts are well researched and not just based on a similar post you saw somewhere. Although no idea might be considered 100% unique, what digital marketers need to do is to make sure that at least , writers use their own words as possible when writing any post. This will help the uniqueness of each post and make it SEO friendly. Running the post through plagiarism software before publishing will boost the uniqueness.


3. Proofread Each Copy

Part of the quality assurance that digital marketers need to ensure is that every copy to be posted for clients are proofread whether the task is outsourced or done in-house. It is never too much to pay extra attention to the spellings, punctuations and verb agreement, etc.

4. Be Factual

While search engines might not penalize you for non-factual assertions, readers will eventually do so when it becomes clear that you are big on ideas that cannot be verified. Sensational headings can pull the numbers in the short term but on the long run, it can be counter-productive. Digital marketers who understand the import of the products or services they are promoting will look out for this effect.

5. Use Images

Images help the aesthetic appeal of blog posts and readers can be attracted by images if the blog titles are not attractive enough to get their attention. However, when search engines index your pages, the images are captured as well and this can make it easy for your posts to be found by likely readers.

The use of SEO friendly blog posts to digital marketers and other stakeholders is manifold and it deserves the attention in order to have the best results.


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