What Advisors Need to know While Blogging

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Advisors are hard-pressed to prove their mettle and whatever background they find themselves, they desire to make the best of it. However, there are some avoidable mistakes they often make while blogging and they are categorized as follows:

Blogging about Yourself

For people who hold themselves out as professionals, the last thing anyone wants to hear is you blowing your horn. To make the best of blogging, you need to be sure you are not just blogging about yourself. You need to know that visitors to your site are interested in value when they scan each written piece.

Your LinkedIn page and your other blogging portals need to be avenues for you to garner the trust of your audience and establish relationships. One way to do this is to answer their questions.


Whenever you stick to providing regular value-added content, there is a large readership that gets generated and with that comes regular social shares which lead to new readership coverage and loyalty. In effect, you are able to grow your blog traffic with this consistency.

Make sure you develop a pattern of publishing your blogs at fixed intervals and timing so that your audience and the search robots can understand your rhythm. Another tip is to make sure that your comments section is usable and this is only to get feedback and stamp your footprint as an authority in your field.

Discouraging Engagement

Bloggers make the mistake of thinking that only their voices need to be heard. This is not so. Take steps to engage your readers and find a way to encourage their comments. Get their ideas, feedback, and thoughts to make the necessary improvements where needed. See your blog as a community where people are able to air their views and get them involved.

Failing to Appraise SEO

It is a complete failure to think you can cook up some great stuff without paying attention to common guidelines that search engines require. A great start for this is to write with a keyword in focus and this will enable your content gets aggregated to its genre. Also, make sure you pay attention to its readability and several tools can be googled to help you with that.

When your blog is easy to read and your keyword gets a mention a couple of times, then you can be sure you are playing to the rhythm of the bots.

Analytics Review

It is essential you know what attracts people to your blog and the type of content that generates the most activity. This is only possible when you have a website analytics script on your blog. This will enable you to find out where your readers live, what they read and how long they stay on your content.

You can sign up for free to Google Analytics and you will be able to tell readers behavior on your blog pages and tweak what needs to be modified.


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