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How a Software Product can Unleash the Power of Personal Branding

Every known brand on earth points in the direction of a given product or related field for which it is known to have a competitive advantage. A software product like MS office suite is the leading light of the Microsoft range; Amazon points at selling and Apple is best known for iPhone and iPads. A brand is a potent signature and everyone who works and succeeds in establishing one, conquers a sphere of influence with amazing results. Pixabay Images How a Brand goes Viral A brand can go viral on Twitter in a number of ways and it does not necessarily become a commercial success before this can happen. When you create publicity blitz around a given brand, it can go viral, draw attention and become a commercial success. For example, the best viewed video on YouTube in recent years, is a Korean song-PSY’s Gangnam Style- which many in the English speaking world never understood its meaning, but it succeeded in capturing audience attention in America, Europe and the re

Has the Internet changed advertising in a positive way?

Image from The dawn of the Internet age gave rise to a range of new possibilities across various facets of daily life, Advertising has been impacted by the Internet and this is seen in the dynamism of new concepts and pathways to reach the consumer. Whether it is the B2B or B2C sphere, more openings exist now than ever before in human history. In looking at the traditional advertising platforms that centered on the print and electronic media, there was a degree of predictability around what can be done and what to expect. However, the rise of the Internet has given room for the evolution of social media and instant targeting of the desired consumer. Consider Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn , Pinterest , Twitter, and the whole lot, and imagine a world without them! What are the positives? Internet-enabled advertising has made it possible for businesses to reach their desired audience at the same time across the globe with the click of a mouse. The te

What You Should Know About Video Marketing in Search Engine Optimization

Social media has assumed a domineering role in the league of marketing tools that are deployed across the globe for SEO purposes. This is recognizably so as a result of the growing penchant amongst people of various descriptions to place and live a huge chunk of their lives online. In this regard, video marketing with all its attractiveness has become a huge hit with the online audience for its magnetism and ease of aesthetic appeal. Wikimedia Image The dominant search engines presently give a pride of place to video content and this has exacerbated the need to incorporate video marketing into the overall search engine optimization techniques. Any company that is keen to grow its market share, expand its audience and turns your leads to conversions, therefore, have a glaring need to pay attention to the effects of video marketing as espoused below: Easy Accessibility Videos are known to guarantee accessibility and durable user retention. It is easier for visitors to quickly

How an SEO Consultant Can Impact Your Business

As a business owner, you might really be wondering what good a reputable SEO Consultant can do for your business as you come to grasps with the dynamics of internet marketing, E-commerce and the expanding frontiers of the Internet. The first step to a basic understanding of this subjectis to appreciate the following: A Website Has a Life This sounds controversial but it is a case of utilizing a figurative expression to drive home a vital message. Websites are like a living being in that they are affected by a variety of factors and like a baby that is born on earth, it requires attention, care and nurture to grow to enviable heights. No one gives birth to a baby and expect the child to grow without the needed inputs for development. A website requires planning, directed efforts and a lot of deliberate steps for it to have the desired impact. There are vital elements like layout, title, content, graphics, in-site linkages and a host of others that needs proper planning otherw

5 Helpful Tips to Consider before Contracting a Maid Service

Image Credit: Many people need maid service companies every now and then to help them with the personnel they need for home cleaning and other domestic chores. The fast pace of today’s world means that many working people have no time to attend to domestic chores and for those with kids or a family, the pressure is even more. It is important that you have an insight on the kind of person you are allowing into your home. Here are a few tips that can prove helpful: The Bonding Precaution When considering a maid service, you should have your mind set on bonding whoever is successful in the selection interview. That the maid is hired for house cleaning chores does not lighten the stakes for you. When a theft is reported, you will need the protection because most companies only bond themselves and not the hirer. Insurance When it comes to insurance, there are no middle grounds involved and this need to be understood when hiring a maid s