5 Helpful Tips to Consider before Contracting a Maid Service

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Many people need maid service companies every now and then to help them with the personnel they need for home cleaning and other domestic chores.

The fast pace of today’s world means that many working people have no time to attend to domestic chores and for those with kids or a family, the pressure is even more. It is important that you have an insight on the kind of person you are allowing into your home.

Here are a few tips that can prove helpful:

The Bonding Precaution

When considering a maid service, you should have your mind set on bonding whoever is successful in the selection interview. That the maid is hired for house cleaning chores does not lighten the stakes for you. When a theft is reported, you will need the protection because most companies only bond themselves and not the hirer.


When it comes to insurance, there are no middle grounds involved and this need to be understood when hiring a maid service. If a slip and fall occur at the shower or during cleaning, the maid might be left exposed as your homeowner policy might be insufficient.

Every maid should be placed on an employee and liability cover so that you are shielded from unforeseen damages or personal liability claims.


Every service provider must be able to provide references and this is important if you are considering a maid service company for your needs. Using the work history and references, you should be able to place a few calls and verify the reputation of the company. Be free to ask how long the referee has used the company and if there has been an unpleasant situation so far. Clarify if the referee will be enthusiastic in recommending the maid service company to third parties.

Maid Screening

You need to verify from the maid service provider if there are background checks on the maids they provide to customers. Such keynotes must be made to confirm if the references provided by the maids are screened and if criminal background checks have been completed. You do not want to have a felon gain access to your home when you could have prevented this by insisting on a standard procedure.

Cleaning Equipment and Products

Some maid service providers might require that you provide all that is needed to clean your home including equipment and cleaning products. Where this is not the case, make sure that you have an explanation on the products they use so that you are not exposed to harsh reagents. Some cleaning products are green-rated with no side effects and better preferred around Suffolk.

These hints are useful for everyone making a move to contract a maid service and insisting on standard procedures should be a norm that should not be toyed with. This will help you to avoid costly mistakes.


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