Has the Internet changed advertising in a positive way?

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The dawn of the Internet age gave rise to a range of new possibilities across various facets of daily life, Advertising has been impacted by the Internet and this is seen in the dynamism of new concepts and pathways to reach the consumer. Whether it is the B2B or B2C sphere, more openings exist now than ever before in human history.

In looking at the traditional advertising platforms that centered on the print and electronic media, there was a degree of predictability around what can be done and what to expect. However, the rise of the Internet has given room for the evolution of social media and instant targeting of the desired consumer. Consider Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn , Pinterest , Twitter, and the whole lot, and imagine a world without them!

What are the positives?
Internet-enabled advertising has made it possible for businesses to reach their desired audience at the same time across the globe with the click of a mouse.
The technology edge has taken away delays and long-drawn processes in order for the message to reach the audience in real-time.
Secondly, the message can be tweaked with ease if the audience feedback shows that this will provide a better outcome.

There are more positives to identify when looking at the impact of the Internet on advertising that should be a welcome development to assessors and users of the digital media space.

Looking to the future

The future holds far more than can be envisaged right now if you are to look at the state of advertising two decades back. The earth-shitting changes that have been brought about by the Internet age to various aspects of different professions means that more can expected in the years to come.

The approach to the future is to be dynamic and not remain stuck in the aura of the past if practitioners in the advertising space must get ahead. Imagine that anyone in 2017 will choose to ignore the world of PPC and the whole nine yards of social media outreach?

There is no easier pathway to be left behind the current trends and future horizon than to deny the supremacy of change and the need to embrace it. So, there will be more innovations to expect and newer technologies that will be put to work to make advertising more result-oriented.

Everyone can look ahead to an advertising future that explores multi-channels and this is the inevitable dawn of the new age and new media that cannot be denied.


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