How a Software Product can Unleash the Power of Personal Branding

Every known brand on earth points in the direction of a given product or related field for which it is known to have a competitive advantage.

A software product like MS office suite is the leading light of the Microsoft range; Amazon points at selling and Apple is best known for iPhone and iPads.

A brand is a potent signature and everyone who works and succeeds in establishing one, conquers a sphere of influence with amazing results.

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How a Brand goes Viral

A brand can go viral on Twitter in a number of ways and it does not necessarily become a commercial success before this can happen. When you create publicity blitz around a given brand, it can go viral, draw attention and become a commercial success.

For example, the best viewed video on YouTube in recent years, is a Korean song-PSY’s Gangnam Style- which many in the English speaking world never understood its meaning, but it succeeded in capturing audience attention in America, Europe and the rest of the world because it resonated as an emblem of Pop culture . It already went viral on the Internet before it found its way to mainstream television.

A software product can show the way in this regard, if it embodies all the key elements that is required to create a media storm. The Internet presents a platformthat can be well managed and carefully projected to engrave your brand in people’s mind and succeed as a noticeable influencer. Twitter as a viral tool, can be the anchor to drive your brand across every city and country on earth.

The effect of social media can be seen in its potency to get across to huge numbers at the same time with constructive effort and precision. The use of a direct message on Twitter can be exploited to generate social media mentions, influence people and generate a buzz around your brand. Using a software product can enable you automate the process of building contacts, generate leads and engrave the potency of your brand in people’s reckoning across the globe.

The Twitter Process

On Twitter, each time you get a mention, a tweet or retweet that relates to your brand, you can take the next step to initiate contact, follow the lead and get a follow-back. Each time you succeed at getting acquainted with people this way, your brand can be reinforced through a tweet, retweet or direct message,

When a tweet appears across your timeline, it is a significant opportunity to be discovered across the globe, if the proper tools have been deployed to make the most out of it and perpetuate your influencer values. A well designed software product can make this process a lot easier while your brand gathers the momentum it deserves.


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