How Acupuncture Can Help You Attain Your Wellness and Fitness Heights

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Acupuncture has its roots in Eastern health and wellness practices that sought to restore imbalances from disruptions to the vital energy present in the human body. Diseases have been identified to be the source of these disruptions along the channels of the vital energy flow.

Practitioners of acupuncture say that recognition of each channel and subsequent stimulation is what restores normal circulatory functions cure diseases and achieve the desired balance. The stimulation is made possible by use of needles to pierce the identifiable channels in the prescribed manner.

Here are some identifiable benefits of acupuncture:

Dermal Restoration

Researchers have documented the effect of acupuncture on HPV warts, facial elasticity, acne dermatitis, pruritus and chloasma. Acupuncture was proven to have therapeutic effects with the clearing of acne lesions recorded for participants in a controlled study. For chloasma, the results were a mixed bag though, it was effective in treatment of dermatitis, pruritus and urticarial.

The positive effects of acupuncture on the conditions listed above were examined and found to be clearly pivotal as those who did not have acupuncture administered on them, recorded no improvement. This was a departure from the improvements in the conditions of with those who received acupuncture remedy.

Heart Regulation

A regular session of acupuncture is proven to have a normalizing effect on your heart beat and functionaries. There is a marked decrease on your stress profile and triggers, lowering your blood pressure and maintaining the optimal rhythm you will relish.

Great Mood Boost

It is amazing that the way you feel can be significantly altered by a routine of acupuncture thereby boosting your productivity and body rhythm. Acupuncture treatments held once a week for three months will effectively eliminate depression and has been proven to be more efficient than other therapies.

The secret lies in its capacity to boost brain-based neuro-transmitters that give you a happy feeling and boost self-confidence.

Immune System Fortification

Your immune system will get a boost when well placed needles are applied to your energy channels. Immune cells are thus activated to seek out and expunge any infection or ailment.

Sleep Enhancement

Acupuncture is holistic and effective in boosting your capacity for sleep, enhancing your sleep flow and depth. Insomnia sufferers are given a boost: neuro-transmitters responsible for sleep receive significant rev that will aid better relaxation and calmness.

The effects are evident during the day with better self-awareness and mental alertness.

Allergy Solutions

Acupuncture is active in helping people with nose allergies, and under controlled studies, it was found that for seasonal allergy sufferers, twelve acupuncture sessions effectively reduced allergy symptoms. People who received treatment of acupuncture had decreased usage of antihistamines.


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