How Instagram and Facebook Marketing Works in Africa

Instagram has its attraction as a social media platform in the same sense as Facebook does in the African continent. Small business owners, who have an insight on how social media can help their marketing goals, will have to decide on the platform that best meets their needs.

To make a decision on small business marketing using social media platforms, there are some variables that have to be taken into consideration and they include:

1. The market segment you are targeting

Facebook offers everyone a chance to be seen and heard in Africa, but a larger percentage of users are predominantly a mix of the youthful and middle-aged. Instagram is a platform that is dominated by the students and young professionals in Africa.

A look at the kind of product or service that is an attraction to this set of users will provide a leeway in making the decision on the platform to use. While other factors like the location you are targeting and the product or service on offer also matter, a holistic consideration is recommended as you decide.

2. The product or service niche

The product or service on offer is a factor to consider when choosing the best social media platform to use for small business marketing. While many people might not readily see how this factor plays out, the keen digital marketing specialist knows that this matters a lot.

Fashion apparel, digital products, beauty products, travel and leisure services, fall within the sphere that has attracted better social media attraction. All of these can be productively marketed on Instagram while Facebook meets the mark for educational services, books, travel and entertainment products or services.

3. Location on the continent

In Nigeria, the entertainment media mass market was valued at more than $3 billion in the year 2016, while the annual growth rate for the next five years is expected to be at least 11 %. South Africa saw a peak turnover of $9.6 billion for the year 2016 and annual growth rate is expected to be about 10 percent.

In considering that entertainment and media are closely followed on social media, the Nigerian and South African markets will be better explored using Instagram, if you are a small business operator in Africa.

As at September 2017, a total of 3.8 million users were established for Instagram in South Africa and Nigeria.

4. The marketing budget

There is no doubt that small businesses are often plagued by limited resources and this works to sometimes dampen their ability to spend based on funding curbs. However, judicious planning and careful decision making can help small business owners in this regard.

To make the best use of the openings offered by social media marketing, a combination of Facebook and Instagram marketing is recommended for optimal results. The persuasion for this assertion is based on the sheer number of users on both platforms, which offers an added advantage for the small business marketer.

If you are limited by budget, you need to choose the platform that best meets your needs as explained in the other pointers above.


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