What You Must Know About Social Media Selling in Africa

A one-man graphic design company in Nairobi, the home delivery grocery shop in Johannesburg or the Ankara maker in Lagos, can reach a larger market online. The question the aspiring business person will love to see answered is- which social media platform is best for sales in Africa?

Answering this question will give a lead that will open up the pathway for the use of social media to boost sales and get the desired results.

Every business desires to make the best of its sales effort and the era of social media has brought on a new lease of life into marketing in Africa.

From the big businesses to the startups just beginning to find their feet, social media provides a promise that can be leveraged on to grow their sales volume.

Selling on Twitter

The basic characteristic of Twitter is the tendency to ride a wave of viral content through retweets, shares, and likes.

Recent modifications to Twitter have made it possible to embed a video in tweets so that it can become more attractive to users. Since it is possible for promoted content to be delivered t users of Twitter, it also becomes a good ground to boost sales in Africa.

The biggest online marketplace in Africa is Jumia, and in Nigeria, it maintains seven Twitter accounts to boost its market presence in various segments. In the whole of Africa, its annual turnover for 2016 exceeded the 90 million USD mark. The company like other businesses uses Twitter to target the mass of students, the young, and the educated class, in Nigeria and beyond.

Selling on Instagram

Instagram has become attractive of late to the African audience, and it is also largely used by the young and Internet-savvy class. There is a huge mass of students and youths on the platform in Africa, and this is understandable, as images and videos are the major attractions.

The biggest sellers on Instagram in Africa are fashion, beauty, entertainment and media-centered services. While other classes of businesses are also able to utilize this platform through segment-targeting, the depth of results is still shallow at the moment.

Selling on Facebook

Facebook scores high when social media marketing is considered in Africa. There has been a generation of users who were introduced to this platform in their high school years that have become business owners.
Having the advantage of deploying a mix of text, videos, images and other multimedia, Facebook is an open platform for a variety of businesses.

In terms of country stats, Nigeria was credited with 16 million users as the leading African country with Facebook users in the last update the company provided in June 2017. South Africa has 14 million users and Kenya was third place with 4.3 million users

Facebook has the lead in terms of results and acclaim in Africa as the leading social media platform for sales generation. While other platforms are making inroads in the continent, the popularity and a sheer number of users on Facebook makes it impossible to be overlooked by any business owner.


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