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How Bitcoin fared in 2017

Image Image Bitcoin surged to new heights in 2017 and is cannot be disputed.Imagine that you have millions of USD safely stored in an electronic wallet where no one places limits on how you spend your money? This scenario became a reality with the launch of Bitcoin 9 years ago. Irrespective of where you are, travel or choose to be, you can access your Bitcoin at the stroke of your keyboard or mobile device with Internet access. Taking a look at the history of Bitcoin, it opened the world to the possibilities of the blockchain, and today, its relevance cuts across many facets of life other than financial transactions. Bitcoin Price Timelines Take a look at the price movement of Bitcoin since 2010 and relieve how far it has come: • · As at August 2010, Bitcoin traded for 7 US cents • · By February 2011, the price was $1.00 • · By December 2011 the price rose to $3.41 • · In December 2012, the price was $5.70 • · In Decembe