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Bitcoin surged to new heights in 2017 and is cannot be disputed.Imagine that you have millions of USD safely stored in an electronic wallet where no one places limits on how you spend your money? This scenario became a reality with the launch of Bitcoin 9 years ago.

Irrespective of where you are, travel or choose to be, you can access your Bitcoin at the stroke of your keyboard or mobile device with Internet access.

Taking a look at the history of Bitcoin, it opened the world to the possibilities of the blockchain, and today, its relevance cuts across many facets of life other than financial transactions.

Bitcoin Price Timelines

Take a look at the price movement of Bitcoin since 2010 and relieve how far it has come:
• · As at August 2010, Bitcoin traded for 7 US cents
• · By February 2011, the price was $1.00
• · By December 2011 the price rose to $3.41
• · In December 2012, the price was $5.70
• · In December 2013, the price rose to $722
• · In December 2014, the price was $317
• · In December 2015, the price was $418
• · In December 2016, the price was $917

The Unforgettable 2017 Highs

Bitcoin earned the ‘wondercoin’ moniker in 2017 as the price defied all odds and permutations. By January 2017, the price of Bitcoin opened the year at $827 and by June ending, it peaked at $2,654.

If you had joined the train of Bitcoin traders or buyers at this time, It sure would have offered you great returns as well.

Why do I say so?

The next price surge of Bitcoin was remarkable, and it hit the $4,000 mark as August ended.

The Chinese government clamped down on it in the month of September, but, it shook off the onslaught and peaked at $5,000 by Mid-October.

It ended October at $6.121 and by this time, many naysayers started to look at how they too can profit from Bitcoin trades. It grazed the 20,000USD mark in December 2017, and is closing the year at an attractive height.

As November trading progresses, Bitcoin is clearly over the $7,100 mark, and if you decide to join the profit train at this time, there is enough room for you.

Enter the ICOs

Initial coin offerings can be compared to the better known Initial Public Offers used by publicly traded companies on the stock exchange.

Again, keeping to its decentralized features, you can participate in Bitcoin ICOs from anywhere you live with no fears of exchange rate or regulatory restrictions.

Several Bitcoin entrepreneurs have offered many people across the globe a chance to profit from Bitcoin with their respective ICOs. As at last count, more than $2.3 billion has been raised through ICOs across the globe with new offers coming in each day.

Other Trends

Bitcoin ATMs are now available alongside embassies and exchanges, which offers you the Bitcoin holder a range of options for buying, selling and trading of the digital currency.

On a day like this, looking forward to 2018 as a more rewarding year for Bitcoin.


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