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How to Teach Music in an Effective Manner to Early Learners and Other Beginners

Image from When teaching music to beginners, there is a need to adopt a method that makes the process simple easy and interesting. Here are a few options: The Kodaly Approach This method adopts the belief that music education is at its best when it commences early in the life of the learner. This is steeped in the idea that musical literacy is possible for everyone and in this wise, singing is encouraged as the basic foundation for development. The vital approach is to introduce music to beginners, including children, at a level they can understand. This will include routines like singing, playing of percussion instruments, chanting, dance, movement, drama and stimulation of the learner’s intuition. There are different materials used to teach musical concepts that vary according to the age of the learner. But for the basics, it would entail listening, singing and understanding. Based on this, reading, writing, and creation of music will follow. A certifie