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Understanding the Allure of Ripple XRP

Just as is the case with Ethereum, the name of a technology platform and the cryptocurrency it supports often get mixed up. So let’s start with uncluttering the name and figuring out which is the technology and which is the cryptocurrency. Although Ripple is a distributed ledger system, it is NOT a blockchain technology. Blockchain depends on mining either through a proof of work or proof of stake system to validate transactions. Ripple, however, depends on a distributed ledger system run by a network of separate servers which draw comparisons between transaction records and reach a consensus. Despite the difference in operating procedures, the motivation behind Ripple and blockchain technologies still remain the same. And that is the facilitation of quick and seamless transfer of funds between parties without the need for a centralized controlling system. Ripple also provides the blockchain advantage of lower transaction fees, in fact, it does this perhaps better than the more

5 Important Roofing Tips for Every Homeowner

Every house is completed with a roof for a number of reasons. Apart from serving as a protective shield from the elements of the weather like rain and sunshine, the roofing also adds aesthetic beauty. A defective roof should be avoided as it can expose people to injuries, destruction, and death. There are some important tips that have to be borne in mind before deciding on a roof type. Now, let us look closely at some helpful roofing tips: 1. Types of Roof Structures There are several roof structures that are available in the marketplace, and they include: Slate Roof Slate is quarried or mined and made into a finished product as a roofing solution. You get an array of colours and designs when looking at slate roof options. This roof type is suitable for customization with regards to contemporary and innovative roofing designs. Pros • Natural and long-lasting • Not degraded by insects. Cons • Requires more engineering detail • Labour-intensive. Concrete Roof