5 Important Roofing Tips for Every Homeowner

Every house is completed with a roof for a number of reasons. Apart from serving as a protective shield from the elements of the weather like rain and sunshine, the roofing also adds aesthetic beauty.

A defective roof should be avoided as it can expose people to injuries, destruction, and death. There are some important tips that have to be borne in mind before deciding on a roof type.

Now, let us look closely at some helpful roofing tips:

1. Types of Roof Structures

There are several roof structures that are available in the marketplace, and they include:
Slate Roof

Slate is quarried or mined and made into a finished product as a roofing solution. You get an array of colours and designs when looking at slate roof options.
This roof type is suitable for customization with regards to contemporary and innovative roofing designs.

• Natural and long-lasting
• Not degraded by insects.

• Requires more engineering detail
• Labour-intensive.

Concrete Roof

Concrete is a modern innovation for roofing any kind of building. There is also a range of styles and colours available to the homeowner.
As a result of its weight and the damage it can cause, strict guidelines are provided for the use of concrete roofs.

• Durable
• Cannot be compromised by insects
• Cheap to maintain.
• It is expensive
• Requires detailed engineering.

Wooden Roof

Roofs made from wood have been in use throughout human civilization. Cedar is the material used for many roof types found in cottages, historical homes, resorts, farms, and urban bungalows.
This is a labour intensive option and is no longer approved for use in certain areas. Thatch and wooden roofs have to be protected by lightning conductors to minimize the risk of a fire outbreak.

• Provides natural insulation
• High aesthetic value.

• Affected by the weather
• Degradable by insects
• Fairly shorter lifespan of up to 15 years
• High maintenance.

Composite Roof

This roof type is engineered from an array of items such as reclaimed materials. You can find several colours of this roof type along with a variety of designs.
Composite roofs are rated as cost-efficient and can be used in many building types.

• Long lasting (up to 50 years)
• More affordable
• Easy to install.

• Cold weather causes decay
• Loss of colour.

Asphalt Roof

Asphalt roofing is suitable for any house type and is notable for durability. The homeowner can make a pick from a variety of colours and hues.

• Fire-resistant
• Easily repaired
• Not degraded by insects

• Costly

Traditional Metal Roof

This is one of the oldest roof types used in many parts of the world. The metal roof cannot be degraded by insects and they attract longer warranties.

The metal roof is normally preferred by homeowners for durability. It is essentially fire-retardant and easy-to-install.

• Lightweight
• Known for a longer lifespan
• Attractive and lasting.

• Costlier than asphalt roofs (3x the price)

2. Risks of Failure of Roof Installations

In choosing a roof installation, it is important that standards are adhered to so that damage and loss of lives are avoided.
Common roofing risks are linked to:

• Effect of strong wind
• Damage by hail, rains, and thunderstorms
• Failure due to poor engineering
• Susceptibility to fire outbreaks.

3. Mandatory Roofing Standards

According to sections 4-6 of A Guide to Home Building Manual of the National Home Builders Registration Council, these are the acceptable standards for roofing

• For tiles, the requirement is that an underlay must be provided to limit the slopes
• Wood use in Pietermaritzburg is regulated with the need for wood treatment to prevent insect degradation, fungus, and rot.

Only treated timber can be used for roofing in the municipality

• Trusses need to be fixed on a wall plate of 38 x 76 dimension, with double strands of a 2.4mm wire gauze on the masonry
• Dampness and waterproofing requirements must be adhered to
• Water drainage requirements must be followed.

4. Structural Integrity

There are some factors that cause structural failures in home roofing. The identifiable factors include:
Wrong product mix

Builders can make a wrong choice when deciding on the type and quality of roofing sheet. Poor product texture and the wrong fit can lead to leaky roofs and other risks.

Poor choice of roof
When shopping for a roofing solution, the right of choice has to be matched with suitability. An ill-fitting roof type will lead to structural problems.

Natural hazard

There are unpredictable natural hazards like thunderstorms, wind gale, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There is a need to consider these factors in order to minimize early structural defects.

Known regional risks
Some provinces like Western Cape are known for snowfall, rains, and freezing temperature. The roofing types suitable for buildings in the province are such that are not easily degraded by water, sleet, and ice.
Wood and light textured materials are not the right fit here.

5. Materials and Human Behaviour

There are also considerations for human behaviour when looking at the choice of roofing solution. For example, places that accommodate open fires should not make use of wood and non-fire retarding materials for roofing.

Failure to consider the use-type of a building can also prove fatal. The choice of a roofing solution needs to be a fit for the purpose of the building.

If you are building a summer home, you might prefer a natural roof type that insulates. Material texture and properties need to be considered as you decide on your roofing type.

Many more tips are available as you set out to choose a roofing solution for your home. However, the guidelines above are essential and you should put them to use.


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