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Asset Monetization Ecosystem And The Blockchain

An ecosystem that asset owners can use to monetize what they own in a transparent manner is a new frontier on the technological scene. Our world today is opening up to the many possibilities of the blockchain and this can be seen in the growth in the number of altcoins from less than 10 a few years ago to more than 1500 today. Several companies are utilizing the blockchain as an avenue to the doorstep of asset owners around the world. These platforms are hosted on a myriad of technologies like IOTA , EOS, and, Stellar, Cardano, BitShares, among others. EOS was once reputed to have the potential to displace Ethereum as the platform of choice for smart contracts and app hosting. IOTA prides itself as the IOT platform, which makes it possible for any asset to be monetized. Features Necessary for Asset Monetization Here are the features that undergirds asset monetization ecosystems: Asset Book A database of assets that are available for monetization. So, an interested