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Blockchain Technology is Changing Records and Privacy Security

There are all sorts of records that should be out of public glare when it comes to an individual, a family, or a corporation. These records might come to mind immediately. For some people, they might feel as though their financial records are extremely private. for others, their own assets and net worth are their personal business and no one else’s. This might be paramount to their privacy, and that would be a fair point. Of course, there are other people that might have more skeletons in their closet, and the fact that they have been arrested in the past is embarrassing to them. While on some level these records can be accessible and in certain databases; to these people, they might wish that their criminal records were more private. Of course, this is a controversial topic, and many employers might feel as though a background check is an absolute, and that this certification is very relevant when it comes to hires. Records and Privacy We all know that there can be d

How StableCoins Work

Stable coins are currently among the major trends in the cryptocurrency industry with Tether being the most widely known and used coin. Stable coins allow us to realize the potential of the Blockchain technology fully. With Blockchain, we have access to more effective and secure industries. However, cryptocurrencies prices tend to be volatile which discourages many people from adopting them as a mode of payment. There are a number of factors why many economists and investors consider cryptocurrencies not to be useful as a stable currency. They include; ● Liquidity issues ● Exchange rate volatility ● Efficiency, stability, or control of anonymous networks ● Scalability of the network ● The absence of the regulatory authorities for identity management or money laundering ● The absence of conventional monetary policies Values of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile. For instance, if a user sends some Bitcoin to another user, and there is a