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Bitcoin ETF To Get Approval By Default?

Vaneck BTC ETF could Get Approval By default Vaneck Bitcoin ETF could blindly get approval as the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to decide on the fate of the Bitcoin ETF next month (February 27, 2019). The world is waiting with bated breath as Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could be approved in the next month even as the US Government shutdown continues. ETFs have listed investment products used to track the performance of bonds, shares, and/or commodities. It can also track a single commodity such as precious metals like gold. ETFs, give investors an opportunity to buy units that track indices easily. For example, an oil ETF allows one to invest in the value of oil without necessarily having to own any oil or find somewhere to store it. According to Cryptocurrency developers, the ETF is designed to give investors exposure to its market. The common product at present is the bitcoin ETFs, tracking the price of one or more digital coins or to

Cryptocurrency Global Report 2018: How the Leading Tokens and Coins Fared

2018 was not a good year overall for cryptos. After a strong 2017 which saw a cryptocurrency boom to almost 2,700%, it all backfired and crashed in early January 2018 when the price of most cryptos dropped by 65%, culminating with a low of almost 80% towards November. By December, things are starting to look up as most cryptos are starting an upward trend. But will this last, and more importantly, which coins are looking better than the others going into 2019 and beyond? Let’s take a closer look at the Top 10. #1 - Bitcoin The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization didn’t have a great 2018, and because it commands 50% of the total crypto market share, it took down all the other altcoins with it, leading to the downward crash throughout the year. Bitcoin was predicted to start the year fairly strong, given its strong 2017 year end performance. Its Dec 2017 performance is in fact, one of its strongest ever, where it reached its highest ever va