What Is the Best Marketing Plan for A New Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The cryptocurrency world is constantly evolving; everyone is talking about it, and new exchanges are emerging by the day. At the moment, there are well over 200 crypto exchange platforms supporting active trading with aggregate daily trade volumes of over 7 billion USD for the top ten platforms.

What does such saturated market hold for new entrants?

Running a successful Cryptocurrency exchange can prove to be a hard task but with the right strategies and diligence, you will begin firing from all cylinders in no time.

Here are some effective marketing plans that will help grow New Exchange platforms:

1. A Structured Exchange Platform

Of course, exchanges run on the internet and having a website in not debatable. However, it is not enough to just have a website, every Billy and Mandy can have one. What differentiates a basic website from a top notch one is the page’s unique design, and the clarity of information and offerings.

First thing first, ensure that your platform’s design is attractive because “attractive attracts people.” The same way you would be more willing to talk to a corporately dressed person than someone with tattered clothes.

Once you are done with the design, the next thing to focus on is content. Having an attractive website will only make potential customers go through your website, but what will work more wonders is the contents.

It isn’t enough for you to put a whole bunch of unorganized and junk information on your website. Your website must provide all of the necessary information potential investors might need.

2. Email Marketing
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Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that involves the sending of composed email messages to targeted individuals.

These composed email messages could be composed to inform your customers of certain information such as your crypto exchange launch, promotions, new deals, etc. in a bid to cajole them into investing in it.

It has been proven beyond doubt that transactional and promotional emails receive 8 times more clicks than any other mail.

Email marketing can be time consuming as you have to first create a list of the people who might be interested in what you are proposing (you can do this by asking interested users to subscribe to email messages). Then, you need to compose email messages that are not just interesting but catchy and enough to convince any reader to want to trade fiat or cryptocurrencies using your exchange platform.

It is a must that you include several backlinks to your exchange in all promotional mails. With quality email campaign messages sent to the right set of people, you can sit back and expect things to unfold rapidly. You can secure the services of a professional e-mail marketer if the task seems too cumbersome for you.

3. Direct Messaging

Research has shown that most people tend to ignore email messages and respond better to direct messages.

To utilize this, what you need to do is send marketing text messages to selected and targeted customers’ phone numbers. These text messages will inform them of your product launch, offers and promotions, etc. and spur them on to invest in what you are offering. You can also include a back-link to your exchange.

It is important to send these messages only to people you know are interested in what you are offering lest you risk spending time and resources chasing ghosts. If you feel that this strategy will break a sweat, spend the cash. You can employ the services of an SMS marketing company or software.

4. Social Media

When used to its maximum potential, social media is arguably the most powerful marketing tool. To use this strategy, you need to first identify what social networking sites you want to explore. At this point, you should be thinking Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Instagram and the likes.

Next, you can go on to create a page or sponsored ads dedicated to your informing potential customers of business offerings. What you want to do is have a place where your potential customers can interact and learn more about your product. A platform that informs your potential customers about what you are offering and the benefits of it.

Once you have the page ready, you need to look for ways to encourage people join your page and stay updated with news and happenings pertaining to your exchange. You would want to inform that would be customer about currency exchange rates, your offerings and lots more. Just like every other strategy on this list, this requires time and dedication but when you are able to amass a significant customer base, you will start seeing results.

5. Cryptocurrency Communities

Sometimes, the best way to go about marketing your business is to go to where you are bound to find people who are interested in what you are selling. If done right, this has the potential to make your break into the crypto exchange market faster and easier.

It is important to engage in discussions, build relationships and earn the trust of members in your target audience before pitching the idea of your exchange platform to them. This way, people will be more open to trying out what you are offering.


As the cryptocurrency sphere continues to experience technological transformations, changes in user preferences and government regulations and policies, cryptocurrency exchange platforms must by all means adapt. New exchange platforms will no doubt require more than mere publicity.

There is the need for sage-level market foresight and quick thinking to excel in a super competitive environment. Exchange developments are definitely going to take a new turn in the future. Be Ready!


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