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The Facebook Globalcoin: All You Need To Know

Facebook has made the headlines around the globe once again, this time because of its Globalcoin project.   It’s a project that surprised no one. During 2018, after the cryptocurrency craze that saw Bitcoin’s  price soar and then crash, reports indicated that Facebook will veer into cryptocurrencies. Since the massive company has stakes in far too many tech projects, you could say the rumors were expected. Over time, Facebook often announces involvement in projects that got nowhere, nobody expected this to be any different.  However, over this last month news items have appeared confirming the project – and giving us a small peek at what it might be. A cryptocurrency? Or just yet another weird “token” system for payments? Once again, due to the lack of any official information, this is mostly hearsay. Many of the reports come from insiders who should harbor some knowledge, but it’s impossible to tell what to trust. Still, most reports point towards

The Blockchain Disruptions: Entertainment World Is Set For The Revolutionary Power of the Blockchain

For decades we have had the entertainment industry being governed by distribution studios, publishers, and companies. And frankly, you can agree with me that the industry hasn't been as much satisfying to the artists, customers, or the investors. Given the fact that artists rely on the industry to earn a living, then it's time to change to a more reliable system. Artists are in the need of new and alternative solutions where their rights aren't exploited. A system free from the boundaries and limits of the old business models. Could the Blockchain technology be a solution? Indeed, Blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionize the distribution of entertainment while eradicating the various problems faced by the entertainment industry such as piracy. Already, Blockchain revolution has brought great impact to a wide range of industries including finance and banking, healthcare, tourism, and education among others.   So, what is blockchain t

What You Need to Know About Spousal Support

Spousal Support law makes provision for the award of financial support to a spouse in the aftermath of a divorce or separation.  According to Maureen Stubbs, a 30+ veteran divorce layer and mediation attorney in Los Angeles, this is necessary to promote fairness.  The separation of a couple gives room for a court to share their property equitably although might also lead to unfair outcomes Conditions that Determines Spousal Support Maureen Stubbs lists factors like the length of the union, the ability of the supporting spouse to pay and how long it will take the supported spouse to be economically self-sufficient as necessary inputs needed to arrive at spousal support .  Other issues like custody of minor children can also weigh in here to reflect personal sacrifices by the supported spouse to provide the needed care for the minor children at the expenses of her career                The court also considers other factual details in the circumstances of t