How To Optimize Hashtags To Promote Your Business

Instagram hashtags are very important to approach and engage your targeted audience and to enhance your brand popularity. 

However, it requires some special techniques to identify proper hashtags that could serve the purpose completely.

Effective Hashtag Strategy

What most brand fail to understand is that not every strategy works for everyone and looking for the appropriate strategy is what confuses them even more. 

We have made this article to help you with this problem. This article will guide you to develop an effective hashtag and implement them according to your business.

How it Works

Hashtags are attached to any posts which make them clickable phrases. Any phrase or word can be made into a hashtag by placing it in front of # sign. When someone clicks on the hashtag, he/she is directed to the original feed showing all the attached public content.

So, people click and search hashtags in order to find content on Instagram. Therefore, the right hashtag will put you right in front of your targeted audience. 

Whether or not they are connected to you before. Users can even follow the hashtags to ensure that the relevant content keeps appearing in their feed regularly.

Connecting to the Audience

Understanding how to develop a strong and connecting hashtag is an important part of your strategy to enhance and engage your audience. 

There are certain categories that can be used to start with the hashtag strategy. Each type serves a different purpose and a strong strategy integrates a blend of them.

·         ·         Location-based hashtags do not serve everyone but can appeal to the local audience and gives you an advantage if your product is location based.

·     Branded hashtags should be an important part of your profile bio. They are an exclusive part of your brand and are used to build awareness among your targeted audience.

·    Mass appeal hashtags could be applied to almost every post. They are frequently used by the audience and can thus give a significant bump to your posts.

·   Entertainment hashtags are intended to grow your positive relationship with the audience. More post specific these hashtags support the situation in a post more than the brand itself.

·   Audience love to seek out timely or seasonal content. A timely hashtag can be used to relate your posts to holiday’s content, a certain time of the year, or the day, etc.

·     Trending hashtags are the most popular ones which are in trend and are being used most frequently by the people. Mostly due to current events, these hashtags are being surged in popularity.

·  Niche hashtag is used with the products that target audience with niche interests. For example, people interested in technology will search for relevant hashtags. Niche hashtags are used with a highly relevant audience.

·   Use the special event hashtags to alert your users about what is happening in your store. Latest contests, sales, etc. are announced using these hashtags.

Choose the type of hashtags relevant to your business carefully, not all types can enhance your business targeted audience. So, go for the ones that could actually serve the purpose.

Hashtag Quantity

You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post. This is the number you can use but what you should be quite different. 

The researches show that you should use more than one hashtag in every post as the posts with a hashtag get 70% more like than others.

However, the exact number varies for every marketer. Some use two while others use all thirty hashtags. Practically, you can only understand the technique by experimenting and testing with it.

Make it Visible

People get attracted to what is more visible to them. Use small and easy to read different hashtags. Long difficult descriptions and numerous hashtags could be annoying for the audience and they would prefer to ignore the post.

However, the post with fewer hashtags and small content can be more appealing for the viewers. The most appropriate and effective way is to keep your hashtag at all times distinct is to form the caption and hiding it below the see more tag.

Banned Hashtags

Everything has a the dark side, right? Many of you might even be unaware that there are certain hashtags that are banned on Instagram. They are not even the outright obscenities or swear words/ the banned hashtags are those which have been noticed to be used frequently with the illicit content on Instagram. 

These banned hashtags will restrict the visibility of your attached posts that is they will not appear in the feeds. Even using a single banned hashtag can undo your work done on the related post. So, make sure to check your prepared hashtag list with the Instagram’s banned hashtags list before posting them.

All your marketing efforts need to be measured carefully to enhance your business promotion and engaging the targeted audience. Every step is crucial in the process and if managed properly, can take your business marketing to the next level.


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