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Bitcoin trading robot craze: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The world of investments is filled with dangers and perils. The idea of getting rich quick through investing is one that’s sadly part of our mainstream, and sometimes, this alone is enough to blind people from what would otherwise be obvious scams. The trading robot craze, sadly, is a part of this: You’re led to a website promising that, after investing some money, usually around $300, their trading robot will take over, manage that money by investing it in Bitcoin, and you’ll be making thousands of dollars a month. Some even promise over a million dollars within a year. Naturally, these promises are false, and usually, there’s no robot. At best, you’ll find that it is like a pyramid scheme that’ll require you to refer more people for investing before you get paid.  Said schemes are also scams , in that the money isn’t really being invested – whatever money you receive is being taken from those you refer (and those they refer.) Still, even when scams of t

Search Engine Hacks: How to win the ranking wars

Internet search monetization and algorithms are very complicated and quite a competitive field. When you enter a query in the search engine it gives you a huge list of results.  That means, to get your business or your product ranked at some top position, you need to be unique. And to win this competition of positions, you have to do a deep competitive analysis. The competitive analysis gives you the insight about the strategies your competitors have used to get successful as well as their weaknesses that you can take advantage of. For those who do not have much knowledge about SEO, this competitive analysis might seem a bit difficult. To help the beginners with SEO we have prepared a step-by-step guide by using the SEO PowerSuite tool to illustrate the process. Appropriate Keywords Analysis There are two major types of keywords. First, seed keywords, are the most common keywords and make the basis for all of the searches. Second, long-tail keywords are sea