Search Engine Hacks: How to win the ranking wars

Internet search monetization and algorithms are very complicated and quite a competitive field. When you enter a query in the search engine it gives you a huge list of results.

 That means, to get your business or your product ranked at some top position, you need to be unique. And to win this competition of positions, you have to do a deep competitive analysis.

The competitive analysis gives you the insight about the strategies your competitors have used to get successful as well as their weaknesses that you can take advantage of. For those who do not have much knowledge about SEO, this competitive analysis might seem a bit difficult.

To help the beginners with SEO we have prepared a step-by-step guide by using the SEO PowerSuite tool to illustrate the process.

Appropriate Keywords Analysis

There are two major types of keywords. First, seed keywords, are the most common keywords and make the basis for all of the searches.

Second, long-tail keywords are searched rather infrequently and a lot more personal to each user. Whatever your level of business or campaign might be, you always need a strong list of keywords that you are going to target.

The keywords list can vary from industry to industry. For the purpose, we need to figure out a list of seed keywords which we will use to find new more important and optimizing keywords to compete with.

·         Open Rank Tracker and create a new project. Enter your URL you will see the option to connect with different Google services. For now, we don't need to use it.

·         Now you will be seeing some suggestions which mean you have ranked somewhere among the top 30 for the keywords. But if you don't, then just enter some keywords that you know or think to be relevant to your business and its goals.

·         You can also change the search engine which is, for now, set as to your country automatically. To change it, click at ‘Add More Search Engines’.

·         Click at ‘Finish’ and relax while it processes the analysis.

·         Once completed, the results will give us an idea about the industry and relative competitors.

·       Don’t worry if your business ranks outside the top 10 with some specific keyword. That just means you need to make a more concentrated effort in SEO.

Potential Competitors

You might hear many big names in your relevant industry. Know that all businesses out there in your industry are not your competitors. Look for the successful ones to analysis and get to know the potential methods they use to get a successful market strategy.

Now that we know about our chosen keywords rank we have to figure to our main competitors, specifically our SEO competitors.

·         Again open the Rank Tracker and click at ‘Preferences’ at the top left corner. A drop-down list will appear. Choose ‘Competitors’ and a new window will open.

·         Click on ‘Suggest' and there will appear the list of keywords that you previously added in the project. There is a drop-down list next to ‘Search Engine' where you can tweak your desired search engines. 

      Multiple search engines could be used to locate different potential competitors in different world regions. Locating for a local market competitor can help you more in optimizing your business search locally.

·         Click at ‘Next’ button and a list of competitor will be available for you on the screen. Al this information in Rank Tracker is gathered by searching the entered keywords and getting the top 30 domains that pop up in the search more frequently. 

       Add any of the enlisted competitors in your project to get a real-time ranking comparison and get the updates regarding their performances.

Competitor Strength Analysis

After enlisting the potential SEO competitors, now we need to analyze whether they are our feasible competitors or not. You need to have the idea about:

·         Who your competitors are.
·         Their fancy techniques.
·         Ways to learn from their success.
·         Their weaknesses, if any, that could be exploited.
·         The size of their marketing department.

Firstly you need to know the fundamental measurement of the domain strength which have two levels to understand. There are tools in Rank Tracker that can figure this out very easily.

In- house Domain, Strength score can be used to get to know about our competitor’s domain strength and the prediction about how high a domain could get ranked in the SERPs. That depends on many factors like the quality of backlinks, number, and domains.

·         Go to the Domain Strength module in the Rank Tracker. We have already acquired the list of competitors at the previous step.

·         To fine-tune with the main competitor you have at click at the “Show Competitors” button. You can check any competitor from here. It is better to let Rank Tracker analyze the competitor for you. Hit the Update button for the purpose.

·         Rank Tracker will now show you various metrics. One of these will be Domain Strength.

·     Scroll down to get a detailed view of ranking parameters. Note down the areas where your competitors are ahead of you to get an idea of the areas you need to focus more.

·         By comparing with the different metrics of your various competitors, you will have the idea of where you stand in your industry. With all these information, you can easily narrow down the list of your competitors in no time.

Individual Keywords

This is a deeper step and requires more attention. The keywords difficulty metric will be used to have a better understanding of the keywords we are going to target.

·         Open the Keyword Map module in Rank Tracker, highlight every word and click at ‘Update Keyword Difficulty’. A screen will open up with 4 options from which you have to choose the Keyword Difficulty option. After updating, you can click at any of the keywords to see the list of top 10 ranked pages.

·        The Keyword Difficulty score shows the overall SEO strength of the keyword and the effort required to outrank using it. If a competitor has any keywords ranked among the top 10, there will be a color mark next to their name.

There might be a ‘Local Pack’ flag next to some links. This is the indication that this business appears in the listing of local search. Earlier in the Search Engine Selection, we have seen the option from where you can search from some specific location and get a more exact idea of the market.

Paying closer attention to the stats of every one of these keywords will give a more detailed idea about which words you need to target and what are the potential weaknesses in the SEO if your competitor.

In this age of technology, it has become very necessary to be continuously in motion towards getting better every day. The markets are tough, and competition is high.

More effort and concentration is required to make your business successful and rank it among top positions.


This article will help you with better SEO compared to you previously had. Taking some help from your successful competitors by looking at their successful strategies and exploiting their weaknesses can give you a huge edge. 

Follow the steps carefully in order to get your businesses more optimized and popular among searches.


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