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A Different Approach to Fighting Investment Scams

We asked this crucial question from Sentinel Protocol, which is a company trying to solve this specific problem. As they are security specialists, we wanted to get the solution according to their expert opinion. Here it is! Though the rate of ICO fundraising has slowed down lately, ICOs are still an important matter in the area of cryptocurrency investments . In 2018, the project funding rate and the size of the average funding round were the highest till now. ICOs are considered identical to hype and danger. When ICO happens, usually the project is at the very initial stage.  At this point, it is just trying to validate its promising team and consultants, tokenomics, and the reason why they even need the blockchain technology. From the investment point of view, it is difficult to differentiate between a great and a good project, and a good and bad project. The bad projects may also be called as scams by the ones getting hit by the shabby returns. However,